Solar Alarm Lamp - Repeller

Solar Alarm Lamp - Repeller

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Solar Alarm-Repeller Lamp with Remote Controlled - 4 Options Motion A...

Product Description

Solar Alarm-Repeller Lamp with Remote Controlled - 4 Options

  • Motion Activated 
  • Sensitive motion sensor will detect any movement within 5-8 meter and activate the sound light alarm, sound arise and strobe light on. Can be heard from 1000m away, and the flash strobe lighting can be seen from 1000m.
  • It can protect your farm from thief entering. Audible & Visible from Far Away
  • The siren horn sound is 129db, get rid of animals by emitting a mixture of alarm sounds and powerful flash LED strobe lights.
  • Very effective in repeller cats, mice, foxes, raccoons, badgers, skunks, rodents, wild boars, crickets, etc. Solar Charging & Long Working Hours
  • After fully charged under sunlight, the sound alarm can work for about 30 days. No worry run out of power.
  • Easy Installation & Multi-Application: Just hang solar strobe alarm where get enough sunlight. The wireless motion sensor strobe light is suitable for the safety of residential house, farm, villas, hotels, markets, boarding house and other places where requiring security alarm.

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